Zoeva Strobe Gel Highlight

Omg girls!!

I found this new highlight that is super dope!

Okay, maybe it isn't new.. but I didn't see it at Sephora until today!

All highlight addicts like me, you need this!😍😍😍

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup
New to the stands of Zoeva Cosmetics.

Retails at $25 only!!!

Comes in 3 colors, Halo being the lightest, then Corona and Aureole the darkest


Omg I cannot.

I knew I had to buy it.

And I did😍
Hop over to my Instagram Stories to see me do live swatches of the products and how i compared it to Cover FX's enhancer drops which are double the price.

Now, I need to get the color Corona too!!😍

I love this Strobe Gel highlight so much!!!
I just posted it on my IG Stories 30 mins ago..

Go see it before it gets deleted in 24 hours!!

Instagram handle is: @lianmeiting
My outfit today for brunch with @jaynetham Vernon & John.

Both SX and Tricia are property agents so their weekends are always busy working :(

So you'll see John & I, two lost children hanging out cause we're bored.

& thanks to @jaynetham who wanted to go to Sephora to check out some stuff, I discovered the Zoeva Strobe Gel Highlight!!

Why isn't there any hype over this?
I don't understand.

This got my heart more excited than the Too Faced highlight.

Cause a GEL Highlight is a first for me.

Twinning with @jaynetham, she finally got the flowers sneakers!!
These Givenchy blushers caught my eye too! 

So pretty!!

But I guess it's gonna be pretty expensive ☹️

My heart still yearns for the Marc Jacob Beauty blush.. but $68, you kiddin' me?? Can't bear to splurge on that.
So.. I went LIVE on Instagram yesterday showing how I achieved this makeup look. I think I was live for like a whole 50-60 mins. Haha. 

Pretty fun to interact with the ladies over makeup but was a little hard to concentrate at the same time. I plan to do this weekly!!

Provides that I have the luxury of time before I head out. 😅

I'm using the Laneige Eyebrow Cushion for my brows above and I find myself really loving it a lot! 😍

My lip color is very pretty too, ❤️
I tried out the Strobe Gel highlight today for work!

I used my fingers to pick up some of the product and dab/tap it around my cheek bones to get this glow. I went pretty light handed as im going to work. 

It can definitely be build on for a stronger glow. 😍

And for those who asked the best way to apply the gel highlight to me is by my fingers. I read that Zoeva recommended users to use a synthetic brush and I will try that out soon to see if I prefer a synthetic brush or my fingers.

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