Purchasing our BTO home

As most of you already know, SX and I recently got married and it was definitely a life changing event. & like any wedding, we had months of preparations done before the actual day because we didn’t want anything to go wrong!

Which was what we also did when we were buying our future home. We spent months thinking about what was the best option for us. We finally decided to apply for a BTO flat from HDB.

SX said for newlyweds like us who have never bought a HDB flat before, BTO is the way to go because we can enjoy better chances, priority schemes and grants. We didn’t want to put a strain on our pockets for our first property, so we decided not to look at an Executive Condominium (EC) or private condominium because we figured that with the wedding, honeymoon and house renovation all added up together, we will have to come up with a really large sum of money. 

1) Deciding on our preferred location

SX and I have lived in the East our entire lives. I stayed in the Katong area since birth and for him, it was the Joo Chiat area. So it just felt like the East was our home and we knew our future home had to be in the East too.  Even though many of my friends prefer living in a central location as they feel that it is more convenient, we didn’t want to try other areas because we know the East like the back of our hands. So we waited for HDB to launch BTO projects in the East. SX, my husband, is a property agent, so I let him handle most of the research, including checking for the latest launches because he knows best. 

We decided to apply for a BTO flat in Bedok (Feng Shan)! It is located right behind Bedok 85 market, the one with so many famous food stalls and always crowded..haha. SX and I knew it would be a popular choice because the market is literally a 3-minute walk away. But because we loved the area so much, we went ahead and submitted our application anyway… and 1.5 months later, we received our ballot results. To our surprise, we managed to get a queue number that was within the first 60% of the total units offered! About 1-2 weeks after we got our queue number, we went down to HDB to select our unit! 

SX did most of the research when it came to unit selection – calculating where the sun rises and hits at noon (which is the hottest), how far the unit is from the main road (so that it will not be noisy) and all that. Haha, I just went ahead with what he thought was the best unit and yes, that was how we secured our new home. After we selected our flat, we then applied for an HDB Loan Eligibility letter so that we could take a HDB Loan for the flat. That’s it!

2) Application process – a breeze! 

It is seriously a pretty straightforward and fuss-free system that makes a complicated process like buying a home, so simple. HDB made everything so convenient for us, like sending a SMS reminder the day before our HDB flat selection appointment so that we didn’t wait too long for our turn when we arrived at HDB Hub! The customer service officer assisting us was really helpful and patient in explaining to us the grants we were eligible for, and the things we needed to take note of, like the paying of the option fee. She really made sure that we understood all the documents that we have to sign on.

3) The perfect size for us 

We settled for a 4-room HDB unit which was good enough for us, and even when we have a baby along the way, there would be enough room for him/her. We didn’t splurge on a 5-room flat because it costs more and we just felt that it was unnecessary to spend that extra money since a 4-room flat also has 3 bedrooms,  just that maybe the living room is smaller but we are OK with that.

4) BTO - an affordable option for young couples

And as we both applied for our unit when we were in our early twenties, we really appreciated that we had that 3-3.5 years of waiting period where we could grow our savings and prepare ourselves for hefty home renovation and furniture expenses. So when some of our friends complained that the waiting time for BTO is too long and they rather buy a resale flat, we will always not share the same view because a BTO flat is a brand new house as compared to resale, and you may even need to spend more money renovating and cleaning a resale flat.

Most of our friends around us all also opted for BTO and were able to qualify for substantial grants. If you are interested in purchasing a BTO flat, I suggest you visit this page to see all the different schemes and grants that you qualify for - http://www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/residential/buying-a-flat/new/first-timer-applicants

Our house will be ready by 3rd quarter of 2017 and we cannot wait to move in and start renovating and building our new home.

Beauty Treats at Capitol Piazza

I’m sure we’ve all been to, if not, passed by Capitol Piazza whenever we are in City Hall area. 

(image credits to: Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited)

I’ve personally been to the mall a couple of times for meals with my friends and for retail therapy and it really helps when the location is so convenient. An underground link to the City Hall MRT station which is just about the main MRT station in Singapore.

 Another reason why I like visiting Capitol Piazza is the several prestigious brands, preeminent flagship stores and innovative retail concepts ranging from fashion and lifestyle to wellness indulgences plus an array of dining options from all over the globe. 

With the end of the year drawing near, especially when Christmas is a season of celebrations, why not take this opportunity to pamper and reward yourself after a year of hard work. Get that complete makeover for a new look to start the New year or why not just grab the beauty item you have been eyeing for all along! 

Let me share with you the beauty services I got to experience at Capitol Piazza.

#B2-15 | 9090 3074

I headed over to Bb Laboratories, which is a skincare brand from Japan that focuses on your skin type for individual’s specific needs. As their goal is to not produce general purposes skincare products, each product recommended to their customers is specially selected to treat individual’s skin’s concern and I really like that in a brand.

After consulting with the sales assistant, who was so attentive and patient on answering all my questions on my skincare concerns, she recommended these products to treat my skin issues.

The Placenta Extract, Bb Rich Placenta Drink, PH Massage Gel Pro, Placenta & Hyalurone Mask and Hyalurone Clear Veil Skin Powder.

The product that I couldn’t wait to try was definitely the Placenta Extract, which was definitely their bestseller!

Placenta helps to stimulate cell proliferation as well as skin renewal. It also contains large quantities of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for skin vitalization. It is also filled with amino acids, which have excellent moisturizing properties.

I was blown away after seeing the Before & After pictures!

My skin was having a slight breakout at that point when I visited Bb Laboratories so I was really psyched to try it out and from the half used bottle above, you can tell how much I’m loving this product right? My skin’s condition definitely improved and my pimple marks were fading relatively quickly. Thank you Bb Laboratories.

The next stop was to…

#B2-16 | 6694 0777

HighBrow is a one-stop expert in brow grooming and its services ranges from basic brow threading and tweezing, facials, eyelash extensions to semi-permanent works such as Brow Enliven which delivers a natural looking brow embroidery. 

And today, I decided to go with eyelash extensions!

I got to select the type of eyelash extensions I wanted from the menu above and I decided to go for something full yet not too over the top.

And I just rested for an hour + and before I knew it, I was done!

I’ve been to several different eyelash extension boutiques before and HighBrow is the only one that applies an under eye mask for their customers! So while you are getting your lashes done, your under eye area is being pampered and moisturized at the same time.. how thoughtful of them!

& here’s how it looks like when 1 side is done. Huge difference right?!

The entire experience was really pleasant and I love the results of my lashes. It was exactly what I was looking for – full yet not too spidery looking. 

And the best thing is how comfortable the extensions feel, so soft and light! The staying power of the lashes were pretty solid too.

Here’s how the lashes looked after 2 weeks, still so full and pretty!
I would definitely recommend HighBrow if you are looking for any beauty services as they are really amazing at what they do. I wish I knew about them earlier!

For the Christmas period, HighBrow is offering their lash extension at S$77 instead of S$168 for all first timers, so if you are keen on trying it out, there is no better time than now.

Surely there’s something at Capitol Piazza that you are looking for this Christmas, so be sure to head over this festive season with your friends and family!

XOXO, here’s wishing everyone an early Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.

ASIENCE Moisture Rich

My hair has been pretty damaged for the longest time, ever since I went through 2 rounds of bleaching to get it to reach blonde the texture of my hair was never the same again. My hair ends are always dry and constantly looking frizzy if I do not apply tons of hair serum to it. I couldn’t even let my hair air dry naturally because it would look too disheveled. So I had to always blow dry it straight with my hair dryer which isn’t the best thing to do, applying heat onto already damaged hair.

Aside from trimming my hair ends regularly, there was pretty much nothing I could do to improve the condition of my hair, until I received the new ASIENCE Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner.

ASIENCE’s improved formulation contains moisture retaining ingredients that penetrates into the hair core to plump up hollowed hair shaft found in dry, damaged hair with the help of ASIENCE’s proprietary Hair Beautifying Technology.

The end result? 

Hair that is repaired and moisturised, restoring shine and suppleness from within.

I really love the new packaging too!

The gold all over makes it look pretty luxurious and the burst of colors makes my bathroom look so much brighter and it just lifts up my mood whenever I shower.

The key feature of is the All-Day Hydration and Shine with 24 hours moisture lock.

After switching my hair routine to using the new ASIENCE shampoo and conditioner, my hair became smoother and more manageable. I no longer have frizzy hair ends and I find less hair breakage too! My room floor used to be filled with tiny stands of hair that was broken whenever I comb through it but now, it has lessen but quite a bit.

Even after being out the entire day, going to work and heading out after, my hair still looks and feels the same as when I first stepped out of my home. 

Feel it yourself!!

You can too experience this hair transformation by redeeming a sample of the new ASIENCE Moisture Rich shampoo & conditioner here: 

Having a healthy and shiny head of hair is very vital for one’s appearance, so do remember to treat it with the best products, and you’ll definitely not be disappointed after trying out the all new ASIENCE Moisture rich range. There’s also the volume rich variant which you can try out too!

If you wish to find out more on the ASIENCE Moisture Rich range, you can visit their website here: www.kao.com/sg/asience/

Olay Regenerist Miracel Duo

After blowing out the 25 candles on my birthday cake, I dread each following birthday because that means I’m growing older and getting closer to my 30s! *Gasps* How did time fly by so fast? 

I’m turning 29 this year, which means, I’m hanging on to my twenties on a thin thread. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is worried sick about growing old because many of my female friends out there would groan and moan whenever we talk about the physical changes we experience as we age. It is inevitable that everyone ages but I guess everyone would like to slow down the process as much as we can and age as gracefully as we can too. 

I’ve noticed myself trying to get on a healthier lifestyle as I grow older because I’m more aware of the benefits it can do for my body, physically and emotionally. 

Here are some personal tips I would like to share with you on how I try to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle:

- Stay hydrated
This is a no-brainer and I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking at least 2L of water a day.

- Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a day
This is something that I’m still working hard on but having sufficient rest is really improves my skin condition.

- Exfoliate at 1-2x a week
I always look forward to this because I just like the idea that I’m removing dead skin cells off my face and it prevents clogging of pores and formation of pimples.

- Sunscreen, always.
 I also learned to never step out of the house sans sunscreen! Harmful UV rays are one of the biggest culprits for skin aging so, remember to always have your sunscreen on.

- Proper skincare routine every morning and night
Ever since I was in my early twenties, I already started using skincare products religiously and now that I’m older, I’m even more strict with what I put on my face and there’ll never be a day I would go to bed without my moisturizer on.

- Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo 
I’ve been trying out these 2 new products from Olay for 3 weeks now and I noticed my skin “transforming” before my eyes. My skin felt firmer and there were less visible fine laugh lines under my eyes, which usually require cosmetic procedures like fillers injections to plump up the skin. I was really impressed that a pocket-friendly product was able to make such a difference to my skin as Olay Regenerist works from within to plump the surface cells for a visible effect.  

The Olay Miracle Duo - Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturiser is a powerful anti-aging pair when used together every morning and night. These two items are what’s in my weekend sleepover bag whenever I go over to my fiance’s place to spend the night.

After cleansing my face, I’ll run a cotton pad that’s drenched with toner over my face before applying the Olay Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence.

This pre-essence is designed to boost the penetration of anti-aging actives of the moisturizer and also boosting cell renewal which makes achieving a youthful looking skin that much easier. From the very first drop, it promises firming of skin and reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. A breakthrough in skin cell renewal, I would say!

The pre-essence is very lightweight and it gets absorbed into the skin within seconds which means I can move on to my next step (moisturizer) really quickly and that’s a huge plus for every busy working adult, like me.

I love the unique auto-dropper packaging because with just 1 click, it ensures that the right amount of pre-essence is delivered for every application I need. 

The next step in my skincare routine would be to apply a moisturizer, and I’m using the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream after the Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence.

Even though the moisturizer is in a cream form, it does not feel heavy on my skin at all. It is very hydrating and is able to keep my face feeling moisturized throughout the day. The Micro-sculpting cream helps to renew skin’s surface layers for smooth texture and refined pores. It also gently exfoliates the skin which helps minimize clogged pores and prevent blemishes or pimples. It has visibly benefitted me by plumping and firming my skin because I find my under eye area having lesser fine lines.  

The Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting cream also works great under makeup because when my skin is hydrated and supple, my makeup product just glides on so smoothly onto my skin.

Another tip to share, don’t forget to apply your moisturizers onto your neck too! Someone once told me that a lady’s age is most easily revealed by the skin condition of her neck and fingers, so remember to not neglect your neck.

The powerful combination of Miracle Boost Pre-essence and Olay’s most advanced Micro-sculpting Cream work together to boost renewal of surface cells and provide 2x more anti-aging active penetration into skin. 

And the result?

A stunning, youthful skin that is proven to look 10 years younger.
It is no wonder they are called the Miracle Duo!

It is never too early to start on anti-aging skincare, it is always better to start ahead while you can and not when it is too late. 
So if you are in your twenties do try out Miracle Duo out and see the wonders it can do.

You can now buy them in Watsons and Guardian stores from 1st November 2016! Or buy it online at Lazada (link given below). For November, there is a 30% discount for Micro-sculpting Cream if you buy on Lazada!

#OlaySingapore #BestBeautiful #MiracleDuo

Bind n Block 2

I’m so happy to be sharing with you guys on this little secret partner of mine – Bind&Block FAT “blocker”. 

I started taking this product from the start of this year, during Chinese New Year period, I wrote a blogpost on it in March, you can read it here – www.lianmeiting.blogspot.com/2016/03/bind-and-block-away-calories.html

And I’ve been taking the Bind&Block FAT whenever I’m on a vacation or when I have dinners/parties where I know I will be eating too much. I remembered heading down to 2-3 different Guardian stores before I got my hands on 2 boxes of the Bind&Block FAT (IT WAS SOLD OUT FOR THE LONGEST TIME) which I was going to bring with me to Japan for my holiday in May. Because I knew I would be feasting on all the delicious food in Japan and who wants to control their food intake when they are on a holiday right? 

So with Bind&Block FAT, I could just eat without feeling guilty or worrying about the extra pounds I will be putting on. Cause seriously, there’s just too much food temptation out there.. here’s just some of the things I crave for all the time.

Desserts when my sweet tooth acts up.

Trying out new restaurants and home cooked meals which I can never resist or stop myself from having more than 1 serving.

Yes, that’s a bowl of rice + noodles. I can eat A LOT.

& yes, little treats to snack on every now and then.

So, with my wedding coming up, how is this bride here supposed to be slim and looking here best on her wedding day?

I always have at least 3 sachets of Bind&Block FAT with me and as much as I try to eat healthier 2 months before my wedding, there will definitely be times where I’m out with my fiancé or friends and we just go to restaurants & order way too much for me to say “guys, please order lesser as I can’t eat cause I’m on a diet.”. 

So whenever I know that I’m going to be eating a little more than I should or the food I’m going to consume is going to be very oily/fatty, I will always take a sachet of Bind&Block FAT 30 minutes before the meal.

I love how these sachets are so tiny and convenient to carry. As mentioned, I will always have 3 of it in my bag with me cause I will never know when I need to take them.

Recommended: take it 30 minutes before your meal!

It is really easy to consume too, just tear off the end of the sachet and pour the content into your mouth. Yes, it is just a small teaspoon worth of powder and you just wash it all down with 2-3 gulps of water.
& the flavor of the powder is mango-peach, so it is very easy for our tastebuds. 

Then, just wait 30 minutes for the magic to happen in your stomach before you can consume all the food you want without having to worry about the calories! 
*Just make sure you don’t take more than 3 sachets a day and drink enough water, 6-8 glasses, for best result!*

So how does this amazing Bind&Block FAT work? 
I shared it before in my previous blogpost but I will recap the wonders of Bind & Block Fat again for you guys.

Read more about on Bind&Block FAT website.

Formulated with Chitosan, Psyllium seed and FOS, Bind&Block FAT blocks out the fat content from your indulgence so that your body does not routinely absorbs extra fats. So where will the fat go? Chitosan has the ability to bind the fat from your food and is passed through your digestive system where it gets excreted without being absorbed by your body.
In additional, Psyllium Seed, a kindly dietary fibre, helps to ease constipation and expands when comes into contact with water in the human stomach. This keeps you full longer, preventing overeating.

It was once Out Of Stock for awhile so now that they’re all stocked up, do remember to grab them as fast as you can!

It is retailing at S$49.00 (Promotion price $42)
Pack size: 30 sachets

Now you can purchase conveniently at http://www.borschmed.com/category/Weight-Management 

Sign up for online membership to receive $10 Reward$ (no minimum spending) and enjoy 5% reward$ for purchases!

Available at leading pharmacies, and selected departmental stores.

You will definitely need this for the upcoming festive season like Christmas and Year-end parties!
This has been my little secret that I carry around with me every day to maintain my weight and prevent gaining extra weight from over indulging.