Bridestory - The 1 app all brides will need!

Hey girls, here’s a little update on my wedding planning.

I’m right down to the last 2 months before the big day and I’m tying up all the loose ends. The wedding invitation cards were just collected but there are some things that I’ve yet to finalize though. Like my hand bouquet designs, hairstyle that I want to go with each gown and some other tiny details that I can’t even think of now but I’m sure will pop up nearer to date.

So I was really happy to know of this app – Bridestory.

It is somewhat similar to Pinterest, if you are a user of, you’ll know is an amazing place to draw inspirations from. But, Bridestory, on the other hand, is fully focused on all things bridal. 

And the one reason why I started using the Bridestory app was because it actually allows you to connect with the vendors behind those inspirations. I’ve always hated not knowing where I can get the exact same items/looks from the images that I’ve saved on my Pinterest and having to go round to source on my own. It is a really tedious and time wasting process which is now no longer an issue to me when I’m using the Bridestory app.

The Bridestory available for all iPhone and Android users and best of all, it is free for download!

& so user-friendly!

Let me share with you some of the main functions of the app.

I love how I am able to find the most suitable vendors by using the filter search, which I can choose based on category, budget, country, etc.

The above are the many categories which you can pick to look into, if you would like to be more specific and go through each category one at a time.

Or you can also actually select multiple categories to browse at one time..

These were the categories that I needed more inspirations on so I wanted to look through all of them at the same time. 

& after selecting the categories, you’ll be able to browse through and save your inspirations like this..

Browsing inspirations..

Checking out the vendors, and I spotted Choo Yilin, which I’m a huge fan of and are going to wear some of their pieces on my wedding day.

I really like this simple up do, definitely adding it to my moodboard!

I also came across my wedding florist – Flowerstory! Haha, yes, that’s me & my fiancé in the above picture.

Let me share with you how your page will look like after adding all the inspiration pictures to your moodboard.

So this is my Profile page, where I have created my own categories for my mood board for all the inspiration pictures that I’ve saved. This way, I can always refer to this page for easily whenever I need help in deciding what flowers color themes I should have, what hairstyles to go with that particular gown or how my dessert corner should look like.

I was also able to just search by the vendors for each category, for instance, in the above picture, I was looking for decorations and a long list of wedding vendors who specializes in decorations were there for me to pick from. & I saw another wedding vendor that I’m also working with – Midnight Sparks! They will be helping me set up the lightings on the stage. 

After spending several days being totally absorbed in the bridestory app and adding so many inspiration pictures to my mood board, I can now have a better picture on how my wedding would be like! & I think it is going to be a really simple and beautiful wedding, if I may say so myself. Haha.

Another section that I like looking on the app is their Real Weddings and Blog page.
I just really enjoy reading about other couple’s wedding’s experience and seeing how their entire wedding turn out. Each and every wedding is so special and I feel so happy for the couples even though I don’t personally know them. It also helped me be more prepared for what to expect on my actual day.

So brides to be, go on and download the Bridestory app ( because it WILL be your life savior when you are doing all the wedding planning.

You can also visit their website at -

All the best and good luck! 


How I apply my highlighter (ft. Laura Mercier)

Will be reviewing on the Laura Mercier's Face Illuminator that I received a week ago. A huge thank you to the sweet ladies over at LM for sending this to me cause you girls know how much I love my highlighters. 

Aiya, I just love makeup. 

They sent me 2 lipsticks as well as 2 brow mascara but I've yet to try them on. So let's just stick to the highlighters today!

I think there's a total of 3 shades, and the one that I didn't have is. Darker one that's meant to be used as a bronzer, I supposed.

I've never ever bronzed my face cause it's not a look I'll go for.
Here's a close up at the 2 face illuminators that I have.

On the left is Addiction. It is a shimmering gold (almost yellowish) shade. 

And on the right is Devotion, a sparkly light pink color.
Even though it is in powder form, it has got a pretty creamy feel to it when I sweep my fingers over the products.

The product is easily picked up by my fingers and the color payoff is pretty intense.

But when I use a fan brush to apply it onto my face, the highlight is evenly distributed and gives a very natural glow instead.

However if you like a very strong highlight like me, you can layer them on!
And here's a swatch of them on my arm.. I don't know why the pink shade appears to be so dark here, because it isn't so in real life. It is lovely when used as a blush topper to give a very healthy rosy shine to your cheeks!
& this is how Addiction (yellow gold) face Illuminator looks like one me.
& here's a little makeup tip!

I always do this whenever I want to get a more intense highlight..

I would recommend using a tapered highlight brush for this.
Yup, this kind. 

Cause I find that it gives a more concentrated amount of highlight than compared to fan brushes. 

And to wet your brush, these are the makeup setting sprays that I use..
Urban decay's all nighter spray or MAC Fix+.

1️⃣ Sweep up generous amount of highlight with DRY tapered brush.

2️⃣ Spritz your brush with makeup setting spray (just 1 spritz is enough, you don't want to it super wet. Just damp will do the trick)

3️⃣ Apply highlight onto cheek & brow bones 

4️⃣ Repeat 1-3 if you want a crazier highlight, but I seldom go there. 😂

I know that some people will just wet their brush first before picking up the highlight but I don't like doing that.. cause...

It will end up leaving your powder makeup with this layer of hardened film/crust.

And I really hate that!!!

So I'll avoid getting my powder makeup products wet. 


If you guys know me, you’ll definitely know that I’m always up for an adventure or rather, a vacation. Some days I would just daydream that I’m a world traveller and I can just travel to all parts of the world and share my experiences with you guys. Oh well, tough luck. I hold a normal office job and going for a vacation doesn’t happen as often as I would like it to.

Firstly, I would need to plan my budget for the trip and secondly, I would need to calculate how many days of leave from work I would have to apply. In a year, I would usually go for 1 long vacation and around 3-4 shorter trips.

For 2016, I’ve been to a long trip to Japan, a short trip to Bangkok and another short trip to Hong Kong. I’m looking at squeezing in another short vacation around the end of the year and I’m looking at Macao!

Macao, is a city of world heritage that also boasts one of the world’s most spectacular and modern skylines; a city that blends the rich traditions of Chinese and Portuguese cultures that is reflected in its lifestyle, food, architecture and festivities that happens all year round.

I’ve only been to Macao once, and it was just a short day’s trip as I was in Hong Kong and decided to hop on a ferry and I didn’t have enough time to explore the entire city. So this time round, I can definitely add in more places to cover on my itinerary!

Now, let me share with you what are my must-visits for the trip.

Historical & Cultural places to cover:

Needless to say, the Ruins of St. Paul’s is definitely one of the “die also must visit” places. If you don’t have photo of yourself standing with the Ruins of St. Paul as your backdrop, you’ve never been to Macao. It is the most iconic landmark of Macao, in my opinion. I’ve been there once in the night time and it was still pretty spectacular. It was originally the Church of Mater Dei which was built in 1600s and was destroyed by a fire in 1835.

The Senado Square is another place not to be missed. Located in the central area of the Macao Peninsula, it is one of the 4 largest squares in Macao & there are several shopping centres and Chinese restaurants around the square. It was named after the Leal Senado, a meeting place for the Chinese and Portuguese in the 16th to 18th centuries, located directly in front of the square, where Leal Senado Building stands today  and there was a fountain that was constructed in the 70s, hence its nickname “the Fountain”.

Senado Square has been Macao’s urban centre for centuries since the port of Macao was opened for trade even till today, it is still the most popular venue for events and celebrations.  This attraction has been a splendid blend of Chinese and Portuguese cultural traits.

The Taipa Houses – Museum looks really beautiful and I’ve seen many positive reviews of the place on Tripadvisor. Almost every single one recommends a visit to the Taipa Houses- Museum. There are a total of 5 typical green houses with Macanese architectural characteristics of Portuguese’s matrix. It is considered as one of the cultural relics and heritages of Macao. It was built in 1921 and had been the residences for higher superior civil servants and Macanese families. It was remodelled in late 90s by the government as they recognized its important architectural value, transforming them into the museums they are today! The place is perfect for taking Instagram-worthy shots and I read that many couples take their wedding photos there too!

The Lou Lim Ieoc Garden is another place that I see myself enjoying when I’m in Macao. Sometimes, we just have to immense ourselves with nature, taking a break from our hectic city life. 

It is a Chinese garden built by a wealthy 19th century Chinese merchant, Lou Kau, and was inherited by his son Lou Lim Ieoc in 1906. When the family fortunes declined, the garden fell into ruins, but it was eventually purchased and restored by the government and opened to the public in 1974. The garden is modeled on those of Suzhou, the most famous of all Chinese classical gardens. There are frequent art and craft exhibitions in the pavilion, which also serves as an auditorium for recitals during the annual International Music Festival.

Events & Festivals not to be missed (during Dec):

The Macao Light Festival will take place across various famous attractions in Macao, including several world heritage attractions in town. The main highlights include 3D mapping shows, romantic light installations and fun interactive games. The Light Festival is very popular among families, couples and especially the children. I can imagine myself getting all excited by all the beautiful light displays and how romantic and fun it would be to experience the city’s enchanting ambience.

I strongly recommend you to note this down if you are planning to visit Macao during December this year!

After doing my research, I realized that the “Parade through Macao, Latin City” event will be taking place in December too. It is a cultural event that was created just in 2011, held to mark the anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China. & each year, different foreign performing groups and hundreds of talented local artists are invited as creative participants. You’ll see them leading the residents and tourists through the streets and alleyways of Macao and bringing songs & dances to the City’s historical quarters. Oh my, it sounds like such a vibrant and upbeat event! 

This Parade highlights Macao’s unique cultural features and the city’s multicultural atmosphere through the grand joint performances. I think it would be a huge delight to be able to soak up all that energy at the Parade.

The last event that I’ve come across is the Macao International Marathon. This is an annual running event and was the first international marathon to be held in the region back in 1981. & it has attracted a large number of local & international long distance runners ever since. The full route of the marathon includes Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane. However, there are half and mini marathons for beginner runners to test their endurance. I’ve never been to a marathon or participated in one, so I’m pretty glad that I may be able to witness it during my time in Macao.

Now, let’s talk about FOOD!! 
& it is favourite part of each vacation as I’m able to taste famous local food.

Number 1 on my list, would have to be Portuguese egg tarts!!
These egg tarts always make my mouth water, even by just looking at the picture. I just really love the combination of the soft and warm custard egg filling with the extra crispy crust.

Another item that I noticed many tourists purchasing was Almond Cookies. 
It is definitely a local delights that everyone will buy a few boxes home & share with their friends, families and colleagues. These almond cookies melt in your mouth and contain tiny crunch bits of almonds.

The 3rd item on my list is Pork Chop Bun!
Imagine a thick slice of juicy pork fillet sandwiched in fragrance and warm toasted bun. This is a favourite hit amongst the locals and I tried it myself during my last trip and it was really filling. So I suggest you share this with a friend unless you have a huge stomach. You have to try this to complete the Macao experience.

I also came across a list of the top 15 “Must Eats” in Macao and since I’ve already named 3, let me share the other 13 with you!
 Seaweed Pork Floss Rolls, Shrimp Roe Noodles, Steamed Milk Pudding, Crab Porridge, Bacalhau (Salted Cod), Caldo Verde, Minchi (Sautéed Minced Pork), African Chicken, Ameijoas Com Alho (Portuguese Clams in Garlic Sauce), Portuguese Seafood Rice, Portuguese Baked Duck Rice and lastly, Serradura (‘Sawdust’ Pudding).

Now that I’ve covered the food portion, let’s head over to some thrilling adventure activities. 

Bungee Jump.

Sky walk.

Tower Climb.

I consider myself an adrenaline junkie and I’m always very enthusiastic about any sports or activities that are exciting and fun. & I seriously can see myself participating in the Sky Walk, maybe Tower Climb but not the Bungee Jump. When I was in Macao 3 years back, I really wanted to do the Sky Walk but my fiancé said that we didn’t have enough time to do so and I was seriously bummed. You’ll definitely see me signing up for it during my next trip! This has been added to my “bucket list”.

If my itinerary isn’t enough, you can actually head over to the Official Macao Website:

Where you can use the Trip Planner to help plan out your very own itinerary!

It is so helpful and I really like this feature because planning itineraries is real hard work.

If you are planning a short vacation out of Singapore, you can consider Macao because it will definitely leave you with rich memories from all aspects. From food, cultural and historical sights, to entertaining performances, city festivals and thrilling adventures. There’s something for everyone!

And here’s an opportunity to win a pair of tickets to Macao! Just head to Experience Macao-SG’s Facebook page , like the page and leave a comment on their top post sharing which activity appeals to you and why you want to head to Macao with the hashtag #MacaoOnSocialSG to qualify!

Contest ends 9th Aug, and winners will be notified on their FB page.

Visit Macao’s social media sites here:

Facebook page:

Instagram page:

Beauty Review: Sleek & Kat Von D

Finally received my Sleek highlighting palette yesterday after almost 2 months. But the highly coveted solstice was OOS and I didn't wanna wait for it anymore so I just told them to refund me my $. I also ordered a color correcting palette which was OOS too.

So in the end, my parcel only consisted of the Precious Metal highlight palette and 1 blusher.

I also wandered into Sephora after work and left with 2 lipsticks from Kat Von D. 😅 They were too unique to pass.
I also received my Morphe 35W eyeshadow palette the day before!

So many new makeup to add to my collection. 💕

Okay, let's talk about SLEEK first.
This palette costs $14.99 Usd?

Very decent packaging, sturdy and the amount of product is quite substantial too.

Compared to the highly raved Solstice palette, this Precious Metal one is more warm toned and actually much more wearable for your usual day-to-day look in my opinion.
& here's the swatch.

I would probably use all 3 shades on the left except for the darkest one.

I haven't tried it on my face yet so I can't tell if it's really as awesome a product as everyone says it is.

It isn't as pigmented as I thought it would be with just 1 swipe, but it's very build-able though.
Next is a blush in "Rose Gold".

And I got it because it seriously looks like Nars Orgasm to me. & it was only selling $6.99 usd, no harm trying!
& here's a swatch of it.

It's really pigmented! I used on my cheeks today for work and I made sure I applied it very light handed-ly. And I love it!! It gives a really healthy glow & pinched-look to the cheeks. 💕

Actually I think I may have this blush in my collection..... Cause I own a blush palette from sleek.. But I've never gotten around to using it. Shit. I shall go home and check that blush palette out.
Next is the Kat Von D studded kiss lipsticks.

L - Gothica
R - Magick
They both have tiny glitters in them which is why I was drawn to it.

Cause with the amount of lipsticks I have at home, I think I pretty much own every color I would ever need or will wear.

But a lipstick with such glitter in them is something that I don't have!

So I bought it.. Hehe

It cost $31 per stick! If I'm not wrong.
Gothica when worn.

It's a brown tone lipcolor with specks of gold glitter in it and it doesn't look over the top at all when worn.

I'm loving this 💯
This was taken via snapchat.

Copper is the only word I can describe the color. It's not super pigment, but can be layered very well. So I got this effect with 2-3 layers? And it isn't drying at all.

I'll definitely buy this again once I've used it up.

Super unique color!
A video of the lip color.

And for the next color, which also supposedly contains glitter - Magick.

It isn't as glittery as the swatches that I saw online. Not sure if it was the lipstick that I got or what..
Magick on my lips.

If you look REALLY closely, you'll be able to make out a few glitters on my lower lip. 

It is a dusty pink shade that goes on matte and is very opaque. Much more pigmented than Gothica for sure.

This color is surely one that I'll wear very often, similar to what I wore in my previous entry? 

But this gives a high shine look to the lips, it really special though. Cause the color is almost matte but it has shimmering glitters that peeks through and appears whenever it catches the light.


Definitely makes me want to try out more lipstick from the Kat Von D range.